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Pierre Bittar: French Impressionist Artist


My Belief in God

by Pierre Bittar
June, 2013



We are all different. Our belief varies according to our religious education but most importantly according to our soul or conscience.

Some people accept literally what they have been told and some others need to be convinced in order to believe. And of course there are those who do not care or do not believe.

I grew up Christian and I believe in one God who revealed Himself in Jesus Christ. I have received, during my youth, a good Christian education which helped me to become Christian, but as I explained above, I am of that type of person who needs to be convinced in order to believe.

I prayed to God to help me understand Him and give me the opportunity to communicate my faith to others. I was blessed in 2011 when He answered my prayer and asked me to paint the Lord's life. Since then I was inspired to write. First I wrote the story of my painting mission in a book, then I was inspired to write articles about God and us launched on my website " www.pierrebittar.com" in 17 languages around the world. A collection of these articles are printed in a booklet entitled "God & Us".

The following statement entitled "My Belief in God' summarizes my faith in God. It might help some of those who are still searching to know who God is?

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I believe in one mighty, eternal and invisible God who revealed Himself to His creatures in heaven and earth through Christ.

I believe that Christ who came from the bosom of God is, from eternity, the only revelation of God to angels in Heaven and to humans on earth. Christ came as the Word of God, and with the power of God's Spirit, He created everything, and nothing was created except through His Word. He gave life to everything that was created.

I believe that Christ was incarnated in the flesh in Jesus Christ, which means, Christ the Savior. And with God's Spirit power, Jesus was born from the Blessed Virgin Mary. He came on earth to reveal God to us and to save our souls and spirits from an eternal death. He humbly accepted all human humiliations and, like a lamb, He sacrificed Himself and shed His blood on the cross to cleanse all our sins. He died, was buried, was resurrected on the third day, and ascended to heaven and is seated on God's power forever and ever.

I believe that after Jesus Christ left us and ascended to heaven, He sent His Holy Spirit to replace Him and be in each one of those who believe in Him. At the end of time, Christ will come, with all His glory, to judge the living and the dead and He will invite the righteous to live with Him in His Kingdom for eternity.

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