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Life of Our Lord Coloring BookThe Life of Our Lord Coloring Book

The first 10 pages of the book teaches in an articulate and pleasant way all Pierre’s life experiences about colors. It explains how we can obtain any color out of the millions of colors that we can see every day only by mixing the 3 basic colors. It also explain about the complementary colors and the unlimited variety of gray colors and how we can use them effectively for either painting or decorating our home. It is a wonderful way to initiate younger people to Christianity and prepare them to know intimately Jesus at their young age. The book refers to Jesus as the greatest artist who painted this universe of colors. When coloring one by one the blank sketches of the painting, they will discover the gospel and will know about the Life of Our Lord. It is a good way to start teaching them about Christianity.

This book is now available for sale at the Gallery. This book can be ordered also by calling the Gallery at 231-526-6750 and it will be shipped.

Price: $15, plus tax and shipping if applicable

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