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Pierre Bittar: French Impressionist Artist




I am a French citizen, born in 1934 and raised Catholic. When I started to paint at the age of 10, my wish was to become an Impressionist artist. At 11, I began my intimate relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. When I graduated from high school at 18, my father passed away. I had to work to provide support for my family and so did my elder two sisters. Together we supported my mother, a younger brother and a younger sister who hadn’t yet finished school.

Having been blessed with a mathematical and logical mind and also with a teaching talent, I joined NCR, an International American computer corporation. I became an instructor for the NCR European Education Center in Zurich, Switzerland in 1960. I was married and fathered two sons who were born in Switzerland. In 1966 I was promoted and became the Education Director for NCR France. I kept that position until 1980 when I resigned to become a full time artist. I hadn’t stopped painting since I was 10, but it was a leisure time activity, as my familial responsibilities didn’t allow me to risk becoming a professional artist despite my dream. I prayed to God to guide me. God responded to my prayers and I became a full time artist in 1980 upon receipt of the Gold Medal at the Salon des Artistes Français at the Grand Palais in Paris, France in 1979. I also have been awarded several other important awards such as the International Albrecht Durer Prize in 1981, and the Honored Prize at the Salon de la Marine in 1985.

It was with God's help that many galleries in the USA and Europe displayed and sold my work at numerous one-manshows. I Established myself and opened my own Gallery in Harbor Springs Michigan in 1992. As an Impressionist artist I paint solely in the outdoors. This gave me the opportunity to be permanently in communion with Jesus and praise Him constantly for this beautiful creation of His. This increased my faith and I was compelled to share it with others. Not knowing how, I prayed to God. After many years God answered my prayers and I was blessed to receive His call to paint Christ and use these paintings to evangelize around the world. This call was received early 2011. Since then I have been painting religious subjects that I have not offered for sale. I transformed the street level of my Gallery to a Museum where these 24 paintings are nicely lit and framed. I was also inspired by God to launch on my website 14 of these biblical paintings in 2012 representing the life of our Lord. The related verses have been translated into 17 languages and these images and text have been visited by tens of thousands of people in some 4,500 cities in over 150 countries around the world. In 2013 I was inspired to paint an additional 10 paintings to complete more subjects about Christ before, during and after His incarnation. These paintings were just completed in June, 2014. I just finished writing my book and I am willing to publish it now, hence my proposal to have it printed as soon as possible. I am 80 years old and I wish to continue my divine mission while I still have strength.

February 13, 1934 Birth of Pierre Bittar. His father is a musician his mother is a descendant of the House of Savoie.

1939: His parents encourage young Pierre whose talent for drawing and coloring is already apparent.

1940-1952: He uses all his leisure time to paint and to visit museums where he spends hours in front of paintings, studying the techniques of the Great Masters. Among his favorite artists were Rembrandt, the Impressionists in general, and Monet in particular.

1953: The death of his father makes it impossible for him to continue his studies. He is employed with NCR, a multinational data processing company; Pierre takes evening classes in painting at the Academie Leonard de Vinci.

1956: Finishes his study at the Academie. Practices plein-air painting in the company of his professor, and begins portrait painting using himself and members of his family as subjects.

1963: Exhibition at the Potterat Gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland.

1973: Awarded Medal at the Salon du Chesany, France.

1974: Exhibition at the Cultural Center of Parly 2, Le Chesany, France.

1975: Awarded First Prize and Medal of the city of Nice.

1976: Awarded Gold Medal at the Salon du Chesany. Participates for his first time at the Salon de Artistes Francais held at the Grand Palais, Paris, where all three paintings submitted are accepted. Awarded the Silver Medal and the Paul Liot Prize. Group show at the Marcel Bernheim Gallery.

1977: Awarded the first Grand Prix of Visitors to the Salon du Chesnay. Acquisition of one of his paintings by the City.

1978: Exhibition at the Salon Leonard de Vinci, Paris.

1979: Awarded the Gold Medal (permanent award) at the Salon des Artiste Francais, Grand Palais. Sought out by several American and British galleries. Bittar sells almost all of his paintings that he had completed on weekends, vacations, and his leisure time.

1980: Leaves NCR to become a full time artist. Exhibition at the Phillips Galleries in Palm Beach, Florida.

1981: Awarded the International Albrecht Durer Prize. Continues exhibiting at the Phillips Galleries and has an Exhibition at the Salon de la Marine, Paris.

1982: In residence in Haute Savoie. Exhibition Salon des Artistes Francais. Exhibition Notre Dame Gallery. In residence in the United States and Exhibition at the Phillips Gallery, Dallas, Texas. Commissioned to paint in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

1984: Exhibition, 2nd Biennale, Boulogne-Sur-Mer. Exhibition at the Pittiglio Gallery, Paris. Two Exhibitions are organized by the Omell Galleries in London and Windsor. Honored guest at the Salon des Peintres du Coteau.

1985: Guest of Honor at the Salon du Chesnay. Exhibition in Carmel, California. Exhibition at the Phillips Galleries in Dallas, Texas. Group Show at the Haussmann Gallery, Paris. Exhibition at the Salon de la Marine, Paris. Group Show at the Newman Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts.

1986: Publication of the book, "Pierre Bittar".

1992: Establishes his own Gallery in Harbor Springs, Michigan; showcasing his work exclusively. Continues to travel to France and Italy to paint. Paints commissions and portraits, as well as all the seasons of Northern Michigan. Celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the gallery in 2007.

2000 - Present: Pierre's work is presently displayed at his own Gallery in Harbor Springs, Michigan.


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