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June 5, 2014

May 30, 2014

The Miracle Story Of The Last Supper

One week before the end of July 2013. I was looking for a garage sale but couldn’t seem to find the correct address. When here I see a man standing outside like he was having a garage sale. Because he had stuff outside but, there was no sign stating that there was a garage sale. For some reason I stop and, asked the man are you having a garage sale. He said yes, you can look. I told him I was looking for one but, I couldn’t find it. I also told him well its better for you, because I can buy here. I started looking he had a bunch of stuff laying around and in boxes. Like if you had to go through the stuff, which I didn’t. what caught my eye was that he had two tables with a bunch of glasses, dishes, antique lamps and other stuff etc. I bought some small antique lamps, dishes along with other little stuff etc. I paid him and I thanked him. He as well helped me put the stuff in my car. As I was about to leave, I put my hand in my pocket to get my car keys. When I noticed that I had a few dollars left. I turned around and told the man look I have a few dollars left. Let me see if I can find something else that I like. So I turned around and started looking mainly around the tables that had the stuff that I had just bought. When I see a real dark last supper so beautiful. It looked like it was burned, as I picked it up in my hands. I felt in my heart something about this last supper. As I was holding it the man said, you like it. I said yes, I told him there is just something about it. I asked him how much do you want for it. He said no just take it. I told him okay but here let me give you these last few dollars that I have left. Thanked him and went on my way. As I got home I took everything down. I got the last supper in my hands and said its so beautiful Lord but, why does it look burned. I decide to wash it and clean it up some. Since it also looked as if it had specks of dirt. I dried it up and padded it real good and put it on the table. Later on that day, I got it in my hands again and keep feeling and saying, there is something about this last supper. Kept telling God what is it father, as I kept looking at it. It felt as if I could see some kind of lettering written across the lace of the table cloth. But I couldn’t figure it out. It had a jug like a pitcher in front along the table. It caught my eye as well. I said this jug is beautiful and I don’t remember if I have ever seen a last supper like this one. I kept telling and asking God what is it father. What are you trying to tell me about this last supper. What? I jus don’t understand. I showed it to some of my relatives and friends and kept telling them that there was something about this last supper. That it looked burned and like if I could see some kind of lettering written across the table cloth. But that I couldn’t figure it out and something about the jug. They said, that they couldn’t see anything other than the jug and that it was beautiful and that it did look like it was burned.



Two days passed. I was getting ready to get on a site where you buy and sell stuff. When I noticed a video popped up with the last supper written on it. I clicked on the video, it was some broad casting news talking about a missing last supper by Leonardo Da Vinci and some missing codes etc. something about 3d painting etc. I really didn’t understand much. I turned and I looked at my last supper and said, could it be you. You are 3d and kind of fit the description. Nah.. Left it at that. Well still the last supper kept bothering me. I kept praying to God and telling him, Lord what is it. Tell me father please. Why am I so bothered by this last supper. Reveal it to me Lord please. What are you trying to tell me.. Its just so beautiful. I was still so puzzled and bothered that I kept praying to God. Telling him to please reveal it to me, whatever it was. In Jesus name. A few day passed around August 5, 2013. It still kept bothering me. I started searching the web looking for a last supper that would look similar to mine with a jug or pitcher in front. So I came across a picture of a painting of the last supper with a jug in front of the table, by Juan DeJuanes. Along it had a scripture about where Jesus said something about being betrayed by one of his disciples etc. I took a picture with my phone dated on this same date. Still bothered and puzzled went back to the web trying to find out more on the missing last supper they were looking for from the video that I first came across days ago. So I took more pictures around August 6th and August 7th 2013 and saved them as well on my phone. I couldn’t really figure out much about this last supper they were looking for and some missing codes by Leonardo De Vinci. Something about some lines of the bread and something about a written sentence in ancient Hebrew (“bo nezer usbi”) which its translate to “With Him Consecration And Glory.. Still puzzled and bothered couldn’t figure much out. Still praying to God, telling him father please tell me exactly what you are trying to tell me Lord please father reveal to me.

Two days passed on August 9, 2013. I was on a site where you sell and buy stuff. Sometime after 11pm that night. Talking with my sister on the phone. Which we both were on the same site discussing if either one of us had seen anything good for sale. While I was talking with her on the phone, I turned and looked at the last supper. Got up from my chair and got it in my hands along with a flash light. Right there I knew God was telling me something. Not really paying attention to my sister whom I was on the phone with. I was praying and meditating to God. Telling him, what is it father please Lord, reveal it to me. What are you trying to tell me Lord. I turned the last supper over and put it on my laps and I turned on the flash light. Kept praying to God to please reveal to me, in Jesus name father your son who died on the cross for us

.. Please Lord, Please..



When in split seconds, I started yelling.. Oh my God, Oh my God. My sister whom I was on the phone with said, why are
you yelling what happened. I told her have you ever seen a flash light shed tears. She said, what are you crazy or what.. I
told her no, its true. She said send me a picture, I have to go to the bathroom. At that time I started taking pictures as it
laid on my laps along with the flash light, and kept telling and praying to God. Father what is this Lord, please tell me tell.
I got up and put it in my kitchen counter. I took more pictures without the flash light, and kept praying an talking to God.
Kept telling him to please reveal it to me, and to please tell me what were those drops. When I took my finger and touched,
one of the drops and said, Oh my God Lord, this is oil Jesus, this is your anointing oil Lord. I started to cry full of joy saying
thank you Lord.. Thank you Lord. Thank you father. I start rubbing all the oil drops all over the last supper, front and back.
That the last supper started to shine. I kept thanking our Lord Jesus Christ. I felt so blessed and honored, to have experience
this beautiful and powerful miracle that only God himself could do. That same night, I send my sister a text saying It’s oil
along with three picture of the last supper. The following day, I called one of my oldest sister. I told her if she could please
come over, because I needed to share something beautiful with her. She came over and I told her what had happened the
night before with the last supper. She got the last supper in her hands, and said this is beautiful. I can see and feel the oil.
She said God has big blessing coming your way. I told her I know but, God is telling me something about this. That I just
didn’t know what but, that whatever it was I was going to do it. Because I love my Jesus. I am going to do whatever it is,
and I know that he will led me to it. That day I wanted so much to tell the whole world. What God had just done and how
powerful God can be but, God said no.. not yet . In time you will know when. I will let you know. I obeyed the Lord and
trust in the Lord. Without a doubt and said father your will is my command. I knew then that God had me on a mission
to be fulfilled. About two weeks passed and I’m still bothered and puzzled I kept searching the web about this missing last
supper by Leonard De Vinci. I wanted to find out about who he was and what was it with those missing codes that was a
mystery etc. When I come across a web about Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, some movie. Which I didn’t know nothing
about. As I begin reading I couldn’t believe what I was reading. How could they lie and do something like this to our Lord
Jesus Christ. Who shed his own blood on the cross for us all. How and how, and why? My heart tore apart.. How can this
people make millions based on lies using our Lord Jesus Christ like this. How can people believe all the lies and not believe
in our Lord. I was so hurt and so torn apart. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Kept crying and talking to God telling
him father.. How can they do this to you Lord you are nothing but love. I couldn’t read more. As I scroll to other webs and
found a lot of more lies about our Lord Jesus Christ, and Leonardo De Vinci.. I cried my heart out to the Lord because he
doesn’t deserve this. After he paid the price for our sins. He shed his own blood on that cross. So many lies about our Lord
Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene and the original last supper up in Milan Italy. Something about Jesus cup etc. Horrible
lies and everything is all computerized based on lies. This is when I knew what God was trying to tell me. He was telling
me that this is all based on lies. That he is so hurt to have his people believe in all the lies not only about Leonardo De Vinci
but, God himself. That he wanted his people to believe in the truth. Our Lord Jesus Christ. That he is the truth and that no
one can come to the father except through him. Who believes in him and only him. That God was and is the word. Crying
my heart out and still praying to God. Telling him father, how can I help you Lord. Please tell me, so we can let the whole
world know what is going on. Still puzzled and bothered.. Now I’m really hurting as to how can they do this to our Lord
Jesus Christ and get away with it. During all this time God is right next to me making sure that together we connect the
pieces. I bought a micro glass to see if I could see anything else on the last supper since it had like specks of dirt. I knew it
was God who was doing it all. It felt as if I had missed something on the last supper that somehow I needed to see what
else was he was trying to tell me. As I am looking at the last supper with the micro glass slowly telling God father what do
you want me to see Lord. I kept praying and talking to God to please tell me. What am I looking for? When it felt like a
wind blew me in the last supper. It was beautiful so amazing and so full of light shinning that it looked so elegant. It looked
like a 3D museum full of light beautiful. When I heard a voice saying, this is it. I said Lord, what do you mean this is it. He
said, only a genius would be able to do something like this. This is the missing last supper they are looking for. I told God,
Lord what do I do. He said in time you will know. Without a doubt I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ. I started to cry and
said Lord, this must be worth a fortunate . I don’t want to be rich father. Days passed and God is telling me go back to your
anointing photos that I took of Jesus power miracle. Well I go back to the photos that I took from the very beginning that
the last supper started bothering me. I started comparing my photos with the photos of the missing last supper. When I
come across a photo that looks similar to a photo of the last supper missing or hidden code. I said Lord how is this possible
and something about the drops, and the lining of the bread on this missing last supper. So confused and kept praying to
God to please help me discover what ever it was that he wanted to discover about this so called mystery. There is one
anointing photo that is so similar to one that I took from the web something about the last supper. That they had discovered
a sentence written in Hebrew. “bonezer usbi” which means “with him consecration and glory.” So similar to one of my
anointing photos. How can this be possible, only God can do the impossible. Still praying to God, father whatever it is that
you want me to do please just tell me Lord. I am here to do as you command me too. During this time I would spend a lot
of time with the last supper. Just looking and praying to God. Telling him that it looks like if there is something written in
the inside of this last supper. But that I cant figured it out. I can shine the flash light on the last supper and I still feel as if
there is much more to be revealed but what. Kept telling some of my relatives and friends that there is still so much more
to this last supper. That only God himself will reveal it all to me in his own time. All this time I never let the last supper
out of my side. I keep telling God to please tell me and to please let me see what he wanted me to see. About another two
weeks passed. Within this two weeks I kept hearing God telling me go to the painting. Go to the painting every time I
would walk down my hall way where my oil painting hangs in the wall. But for some reason God wasn’t getting my
attention. I just kept telling him I will father. Till finally one night on September 13th, 2013, God told me again go to the
painting. Go to the painting. Finally he got my attention and I said what painting father. He said the oil painting. I said, I
will father but what does the oil painting have to do with the last supper and Leonardo Da Vinci.. So I finally get up and
go to the oil painting which is hanging in my hallway. I’m in front of it and I’m telling God okay father, I am here Lord in
front of the oil painting. What is it Lord? Is it the windows that look like a church or what. Reveal it to me please father,
please because I cant see anything. Kept telling him what is it Lord. What do you want me to see? When my eyes go straight
to the name Bittar, the signature on the oil painting. When I heard God’s voice telling me Pierre. I said Pierre. What is that
Lord and what are you trying to telling me. He said, Pierre Bittar look him up. Takes me straight to the computer. Where
here I am searching for Pierre Bittar. When I come across the website of www.pierrebittar.com Bittar French Impressionists
Artist Pierre Bittar. I went straight to the holy trinity and I started reading it. It was so beautiful and it touched my heart.
Than I went tohis biography because I wanted to know who he was and what was so important that God wanted me to
know. When I came across that he had studied back in 1953 and took evening classes in painting at the academic of
Leonard De Vinci, and in 1978 exhibition at the Salon of Leonardo De Vinci Paris. When I read and came across this,
name Leonard De Vinci. I told God, Oh my God father, this is a puzzle that you are connecting together that has to do with
the last supper because, here I’m seeing this Leonard name. So I go back, and click on a video where Mr. Bittar talks about
how God woke him up one morning, and told him to paint the life of our Lord. I was so touched and felt so much love.
That Mr. Bittar had done this for our Lord Jesus Christ that was just so beautiful. That I stared crying full of joy and felt so
relieved to know that this was the true life of Jesus. As I see the 14 paintings of the life of our Lord. I tell God how beautiful
to have someone so wonderful as this man Pierre Bittar to have so much love for our Lord Jesus Christ. I felt as if this man
loved the Lord as much as I love the Lord. It just touched my heart. Especially when he mentioned in his video that he
would not separate the painting because, it was all for the glory of our Lord. That was beautiful!! As I come across the
painting of the last supper #9 the life of our Lord that Mr. Bittar painted Oct 19,2011.. It touched my heart, and it was so
beautiful. My eyes went straight to the cup that Jesus was holding. I said Lord its beautiful father and you have you cup.
God said this is it.. I said what Lord.. What is it and what do you mean father. Is it about your cup, is that what you want
your cup since the real last supper that is up in Milan Italy is all based on lies and everything is computerized. God said
this is the real life of Jesus. Lord thank you. Thank you so much. I started to crying felt a big relieve. I told God father is
this where you want the last supper to go to this museum. If that’s what you want Lord please tell me. Please I would love
for your last supper to be displayed in this museum its beautiful. I would love for a person like Mr. Bittar who has so much
love for you Lord to display it. Because I feel so much love on this site. The Lord said he will help you decode the missing
piece. I said how father and the Lord said you will call him. And you will tell him what I have told you. I said okay Lord,
but how I don’t even know this man and how is he suppose to believe me. Jesus said, by the time you call this man, he will
know about you. It was just so beautiful to hear the Lord tell me this. I said okay Lord. I will do as you command me to do.
But I asked the Lord, when am I suppose to contact this man. In time you will know says the Lord. I carried the last supper
with me all the time because I didn’t want nothing to happen to it. It became so special because of God’s own powerful
beautiful miracle. Close to the end of September 2013. God told me to put it up and I remember telling him why. That I
want to keep it here with me all the time. He said no its not yours to keep I’m always with you. I said okay Lord but whatever
the purpose is please father let me know. I put it up just like God asked me to for about three months. Because that’s how
God wanted it. During this time the Lord kept me busy doing crafts. Which I didn’t even know that I had the talent to work
on crafts. I enjoyed it because it was working with crafts that had to do with the Lord. I enjoyed it and I stayed busy. Praying
and knowing and trusting God all the time. That he would let me know my next step. I couldn’t do much because I had to
wait on the Lord. That for a minute or so, I would tell God are you on vacation father. Kept praying all the time still waiting
on God’s next move. Almost three months pass close to a week before Christmas, 2013. God tells me to take it out, so I
take the last supper out cause I had it put up since the day God told me to put it up. I put it on my table and I tell God what
is it father. I knew and felt in my heart that he wanted to tell me more. So I kept praying and telling him to please reveal to
me what else did he want me to know. As I keep praying to our Lord. I tell the Lord father is the time coming are you ready
to reveal what is behind thi last supper. What is the mystery father. What is it Lord. I am ready to help you do what you
want me to do. Kept praying and praying and kept believing and trusting in the Lord and his will. Jan/Feb 2014, still
praying to our Lord Jesus Christ. To please tell me what he was trying to tell me. I knew and felt in my heart that he was
about to tell me what he wanted to do. I told him Lord your will is my command father. Whatever you want Lord, just tell
me and I will do it. When thetime is right said the Lord. I will let you know. I kept feeling and knowing that God was about
to tell me something real soon. About two weeks pass right before Easter 2014. I kept feeling God in my heart telling me
something about Easter and kept hearing Easter. I kept praying and telling God is Easter the day you are going to reveal it
to me. When the Lord answered and said I want the whole world to know how powerful I am and the miracle that only I
can do. If only they believe in me and only me. The true God, who was the word and is the word. No one can come to the
father except through me.. I said okay father, but how will I do this. Tell me please Lord and I will do it. God tells me, you
will make this go viral. Where the whole world can know the truth. I am the truth. So I tell God what is viral Lord, he tells
me I want the whole world to know. I said okay father, just tell me I’m ready to help you Lord. I even searched on the web
about how to make this viral. How could I let the whole world know what God was telling me to tell them. I went through
some webs but I really didn’t understand much because there were so many and all different. I just wanted to be ready to
make this happen as soon as the Lord would give me his word to do it. I even mentioned it to my family and friends. I kept
telling them that God was telling me something about Easter. When a few days later around April 18th 2014 right before
Easter. God said.. This is it, and I said, what father and he said. It is time to call Pierre. I said now Lord and he said yes. I
said okay father I will do it. And the Lord told me you will tell him exactly what I have told you. I went straight to my
computer where I have saved his website the night of September 13, 2013 which was the first time that God connect me to
Pierre Bittar. I got his phone number to the gallery. So I called the number but no one answered. A voicemail picked up
and said to leave message. On this day April 18th 2013, I left a voicemail message. I believed I said that I needed to talk
with Mr. Pierre Bittar. I needed to talk to him. That he didn’t know me and I didn’t know him but that it had to do with
God. Somehow God connected me to him and that it was very important that I talk with him. And I left my phone number
where I could be reached. Finally on this day, I said thank you Lord. This is it father.. I was so happy to know that finally
the pieces that the Lord was connecting together were finally happening.

On April 24,2014 I get a voicemail message from Pierre Bittar. Returning my call and that he didn’t know anybody by the
name Maria but, that he was looking for a lady called Maria. Because I had left a message at the gallery and that he didn’t
spend much time there. That how could he help me to please call him at home and left his phone number where I could
reach him. When I got his voicemail, I said Lord that was Pierre Bittar father. He called me back and he got our message
Lord. Thank you Lord. Finally.. Finally Thank you Lord. I was so happy and so full of joy. On this same day I call Pierre
Bittar back. I told him that it was me Maria that I needed to talk to him. That it had to do with God. That there was so much
to talk about but that I was afraid we would get disconnected, But that God somehow connected me to him. That I really
needed to talk with him but I was trying to get to a phone line cause I didn’t want my cell phone to lose signal when we
talked. Mr. Bittar was a very nice man and wanted to hear what I had to say or how could he help me. We agreed and set
up a time that would be best for us both. And the time was set for 9p.m. my time and 10p.m. his time. I was so happy and
I couldn’t wait to talk to this man that God himself had connected me to since September 13, 2013. I was so overwhelmed
finally the day was already here just the way the Lord had it planned. I kept thanking our Lord Jesus Christ. Telling him
Lord please father direct me and help me explain the best way that I can so he can understand what your message is. On this
same night I called French Impressionists Artist Pierre Bittar to his home number exactly at 9p.m. like we agreed earlier.
I started by telling Mr. Bittar that he didn’t know me and that I didn’t know him. But that somehow God had connected
us together. That I had to do what God was telling me to do. Mr. Bittar was confused at first he really didn’t know what I
was talking about.. I told him well let me tell you sir, its about a wonder and powerful miracle that God did. And God told
me that by the time I call you that you would already know about me. As overwhelmed that I was, I was trying to tell him
what God wanted me to tell him. Mr. Bittar said maybe God want’s you to visit my website, cause I have a website where
people can come to know God. I said I have visit your website sir since last year. Mr. Bittar said what do you mean that
he didn’t understand. So I started telling Mr. Bittar about the wonderful powerful miracle that only God himself could do
with a last supper that I had bought at a garage sale and how God used his own anointing oil etc. I told Mr. Bittar that God
was hurt because of all the lies that people like the da vinci code, Dan Brown and others as well where making millions
based on lies and something about Jesus cup. And that the original last supper up in Milan Italy was all based on lies and
computerized. That God want his people to know the truth. He wants he people to believe in him and only him. That how
can people make millions based on lies about Jesus our Lord. That how can they do this to our Lord. Mr. Bittar said yes
they are all lies. As we are trying to put this together, Mr. Bittar asks me how do you know about me or hear about me. I
told him I have a oil painting, I bought a few years ago, and it has your name on it Bittar. I told him I don’t know if its and
original or if its your painting sir. But its got your name on it. Mr. Bittar said. Can you spell it for me. Yes sir, so I spelled
it. He said are you sure its my name, I said pretty close yes. He ask so how did I find him. I told him God connected me
to you. I told him, I found you since last year to be exact the date was September 13,2013. I even saved your website and I
added you like on a face book page, and I even left a message/comment telling you thank you so much for the wonderful
blessings of the Lord. He said were you at the right website. Yes sir. So I tell him this is like a puzzle and God is the one
that was putting all the pieces together. That God kept telling me to go to the painting. When finally he directs me to the
oil painting with the name Bittar. He takes my eyes straight to the signature Bittar and that I kept telling God what was it.
When I hear God’s voice say Pierre and he connected it to Pierre Bittar. This is when God told me to look you up. Which I
did this. So Mr. Bittar said was that the first time you heard my name, yes sir. So you have being looking for me since last
year. Yes sir, God connected us together since September 13th 2013, but I could not contact you till God would tell me
too. I told Mr. Bittar that God said that he would let me know when I was suppose to contact him. And that the day finally
came that God told me that it was time to contact him. Which was on April 18th 2014 that’s when I left him a voicemail
message at his gallery. I kept telling Mr. Bittar that I know sir we don’t know each other but this is what God wants. So I am
only doing what God is telling me to do. And that I didn’t care who believes me or not, because this is the truth and God
wants the people to know the truth. I told him I know why God chose me because I am a big firm believer and I believe
that he chose you as well because you are a big believer of our Lord. Mr. Bittar said, I believe you Maria and you feel as
if you are a very humble person and have lots of faith in God. I told him yes I am and I love my Lord and I am a big firm
believer of our Lord. Mr. Bittar tells me whatever you do take care of the last supper and do not get rid of it. It’s God gift
of the miracles that he can do. You might want to display it sometime. God has given you a beautiful gift. I told him I just
want to do what God is telling me. We need help him and bring his people together. During this time we are taking I’m
emotional and happy at the same time. I kept telling Mr. Bittar that there is still so much more that God needs to reveal
about this last supper as we talked for about two hours. Mr. Bittar said, that now he knew what the purpose of this call was
and why God had connected us together. He said I have a news website and God wants me to put it in my news web that
I have all over the world. It has touched so many people. I will put it on my news web all over the world. Where the whole
world can know about this beautiful miracle that only God can do. To bring his people together to find God and know
God. He said God is telling me that you don’t have the resources but I do. I started crying. Mr. Bittar said God wants you
to write a story about this. I will put it on my news web all over the world. Take your time and write the story. He asked
me to send him a picture of the oil painting with his name and to send him also a picture of the last supper etc. I was
crying full of joy and tanking Mr. Bittar as well as our Lord Jesus Christ. I told Mr. Bittar thank you so much this is what
God was talking about. When God told me that he wanted this to go viral all over the world. God had just revealed it to
me a few days ago right before he told me that it was time to contact him. God already knew that he wanted the world to
know the truth. And that I needed help to get his truth out that’s why his chose Mr. Pierre Bittar. We got each others e-mail
even though we were still puzzle. One thing we did know was that this is what God wanted us to do. Mr. Bittar asks me if
I could send him a picture of the oil panting with the signature and a picture of the last supper. Two days later I e-mailed
the pictures. And he calls me back telling me that he did receive the pictures but that I didn’t send any explanation I told
him its because I want to send all the pictures together with the story. Because I have lots of pictures and others that I took
of the website of the missing last supper of Leonardo Da Vinci etc. that I wanted to send everything together. So we can
know more because God has so much more to reveal. Mr. Pierre Bittar asked me did you see those tears come out from
the flash light. I said no sir, I didn’t . He told me you know why. I said no not really. He said because God put the flash light
there so you could see those tears. He wanted to make sure that you could see them as they dropped. I told him that is so
true sir. I started crying and I told him I just want to help God. He needs our help. He needs he people to believe in him
and know the truth. I told Mr. Bittar, that I had been wanting to tell him since last September 2013. When God connected
us through the oil painting. But God at that time told me no that he would tell me in time. That I would know when. So I
did as God told me to. Mr. Bittar tells me that the picture of the oil painting that I send him is not his. But its okay because
God did use the oil painting with the same last name so I could find him. How wonderful is our God. Mr. Bittar told me
do you know why God didn’t let you contact me when you found me. It was because I was in tour Oct, Nov, Dec,. So God
knew exactly what he was doing, and he knew you weren’t going to be able to contact me, because I just got back about
a month ago. We kept in touch and thank our Lord Jesus Christ. Till this day the Lord has already revealed to me that he
isn’t finished yet.

There is still much more to be revealed.

God Bless
Maria Gaytan




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