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Spreading the Word

If you believe in Jesus Christ and you pray to God to use you to spread His word, you can do it now in a few seconds and allow thousands of people to instantaneously receive and spread His Word.

Just follow these simple and easy instructions which will not take more than a few seconds.

  1. Go to www.pierrebittar.com/biblicalpaintings.html and visit The Life Our Lord from Annunciation to Ascension painted by an impressionist artist who was commissioned in 2011 by God to spread his word through his paintings. You can also use your mobile phone (smart phone) by scanning the QR code illustrated below.
  2. Email the received web page to your family and friends who are also willing to spread the Word of God and ask them to do the same thing.
  3. If you belong to a Christian school, Church, Bible study group, etc, ask permission to display this flyer on their information board so other believers can also spread the Word of God.


God Bless You

Pierre Bittar - The Life of Our Lord Paintings






The Life of Our Lord
Introduction 1 - The Annunciation 2 - The Birth of Jesus 3 - Flight into Egypt
4 - At the Temple with Doctors 5 - The 4 First Disciples 6 - The Marriage in Cana 7 - Jesus Resurrects a Widow's Son
8 - Feeding 5000 People 9 - The Last Supper 10 - Betrayal by Judas 11 - The Humiliation of Jesus
12 - Crucification and Death 13 - The Resurrection of Jesus 14 - The Ascension Spreading the Word

Video Interview (2011)

Pierre painting in his Studio

God's Plan in Three Parts
Pedophilia & End Time Church Apostasy
QUIZ - Are you Humble?
LOVE JESUS and you will be SAVED
The Gospel's Good News
Rapture's Day & Hour
A Cosmos Map
A Faith Obstacle
A Message for Salvation
Who Are We?
Faith Through Miracles to Millennials and Faith Seekers
A Message of Reconciliation with God
The Truth About God through Biblical Verses
Don't Let Doubt Steal Your Faith
A Believer's Creed
Comprehend the Holy Trinity
The Holy Trinity Revealed Through a Painting
The Holy Trinity Explained Though a Visual Example
The Human Trinity Now and in Eternity
Could Judaism, Christianity & Islam Agree on One God?
Are We God's Cells?
Should We Evangelize and Why? Can We Do It and How?
Christ Before and After His Incarnation
My Belief in God
How Can We Be Born Again?
Christ from Eternity to End Time Slideshow

Video Presentation (2018)

Christ from Eternity to End Time


Urgent Warning (2018)

This video has a very important inspired message that everyone must know.


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