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June 21, 2013

Pierre Bittar Museum
Special Presentations

Pierre Bittar Museum Group PresentationWHAT IS A GROUP PRESENTATION?

In a group presentation, the audience will have a complete explanation by Pierre Bittar about how he received a call from God asking him to paint the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He will explain for each of the 14 large oil paintings canvas (80”x 60”) the inspiration, help and the guidance received from Jesus.

In these free presentations, each visitor will receive a 60 page booklet showing, in color, each of the Life of Our Lord paintings. Each illustration is surrounded by its related biblical prophecies written in the Old Testament as well as the Gospel chapter which inspired Pierre to paint the subject matter. The presentation duration is about 45 minutes but could be extended beyond an hour to answer the visitor’s questions.



Pierre Bittar Museum Special Presentations


Any church, school or organization is welcomed to subscribe. The subscription is free of charge. The presentation can be obtained by a simple telephone call to (231) 526-6750. The date and hour can be easily arranged with the Museum Manager. The audience should be a minimum of 10 and preferably not more than 25 people. Children are welcomed accompanied by their parents.

Pierre Bittar Gallery Special Presentations


Since the Museum’s official opening in July 2012, many group presentations have been organized for churches and schools from various Christian denominations. As you can see from the photographs, there is a lot of interest expressed by adults and children. The ambiance is very friendly and everyone is happy to ask questions and participate in the discussion. In addition to the free booklet distributed, children will receive, as a souvenir, a large card containing colored images of each of the 14 paintings (All-in-one-card).

Pierre Bittar Gallery Special Presentations


After the Biblical presentation those who are interested in visiting the upper level where the original oil paintings are, will be taken by Pierre and will be free to ask questions about his Impressionist art.

Pierre Bittar Gallery Special Presentations

We hope to see you soon with your group.
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