Propel Your Faith in God

Pierre Bittar

June 13, 2021


During the summer season Pierre Bittar will be available
at the Museum on Saturdays from 11AM to 1PM.
He will be happy to respond to your questions
regarding the following important subject:



1- Who is God?
He is Love and Wisdom.
He Exists with His Word and Spirit before any creation.
He is almighty - Omnipotent - Omniscient - Omnipresent
He creates the seen and the unseen.

2- Why God creates us?
To have a family with which He can exchange His love.
God creates us with free will at His own image and likeness.
We are created body, soul and spirit.
The body has a limited time to live on this earth.
The soul and spirit will live for eternity in the spiritual world.

3- For whom God created the Universe?
For us. This is part of His plan. God promised us to rule with Him.

4- Why are we on this earth and not with God?
We are not yet ready to be children of God.
We are here to learn about good and evil before making any choice.

5- What will happen to us after this life on earth?
Our soul and spirit will continue to live for eternity in the spiritual
world. It is according to our soul’s choice that we will live with God
in Heaven or with Satan the Devil in the lake of sulfur in hell.

6- What should we do to live eternity in God’s Kingdom?
Love Jesus with all our heart. Remember, He created us to exchange
His infinite Love with us. (see question 2 above.)

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Pierre painting in his Studio

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This video has a very important inspired message that everyone must know.


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