Pierre Bittar

October 2021


Heaven is the greatest gift that God the Father chooses to reward His faithful children. It will be our surprise gift that our soul will discover just as it detaches itself from our human body towards the spiritual world after our short sojourn in this natural world.

By definition a surprise is a secret that should not be revealed. Trying to guess it is not forbidden. But unfortunately the result of our research will be in vain.

Jesus confirmed to us that no one visited heaven. This is written in JOHN 3:13 "No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven.” – Therefore, how can we define what Heaven is?

However, it is important to remind here that all believers who died since Adam and Eve have their soul and spirits waiting in Paradise for the Rapture where they will be caught up just before us to meet Jesus in the cloud before we will all be taken to heaven.

Trying with our natural eyes to imagine what Heaven would look like is a lost of time because the only landscapes we know are limited to what we have already seen on our planet earth. In other words; everything we could ever imagine will be influenced by what we already know.

To imagine Heaven, we must instead use our spiritual feelings. This can only be done through our faith and our love for Jesus. The more we think about JESUS and love Him, the more our souls feel what heaven is.

When we reach such a level of love and belief in Jesus, our soul and spirit will mingle intimately with Him, which will make us feel an unprecedented sense of friendship, peace and love.

This ecstasy will usually intensify during our dreams at night and a divine music will wake us up at dawn with a serene smile on our face and an inexplicable joy in our heart.

The Life of Our Lord
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4 - At the Temple with Doctors 5 - The 4 First Disciples 6 - The Marriage in Cana 7 - Jesus Resurrects a Widow's Son
8 - Feeding 5000 People 9 - The Last Supper 10 - Betrayal by Judas 11 - The Humiliation of Jesus
12 - Crucification and Death 13 - The Resurrection of Jesus 14 - The Ascension Spreading the Word

Video Interview (2011)

Pierre painting in his Studio

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Urgent Warning (2018)

This video has a very important inspired message that everyone must know.


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