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Life of Our Lord by Pierre Bittar




Pierre has been asking God in his prayers to use him for spreading the Word. God has answered his prayer and commissioned him to paint the gospel. In response to this call, Pierre started in January 2011 to paint the Life of Jesus Christ inspired by the Gospel. With God's help and guidance he is progressing and will complete the colossal project early 2012. All the Glory to God.

Pierre has decided to open on the first level of his Gallery a permanent Museum opened graciously to the public. The 14 large paintings (7' x 5') will fill the first level walls and will be displayed in sequence from the Annunciation to the Ascension to Heaven. These paintings will not be available for sale, but giclees can be ordered in any desired size.

  Pierre Bittar - Biblical Paintings  

The above picture was taken of Pierre in his studio while he was working on this project. This show is unique and unprecedented for two reasons.

  1. Biblical paintings have been, so far, limited to classic and academic styles. This will be the first time in history that an impressionist artist is painting the Gospel with the vivid colors of the outside "plein-air" artist.
  2. This will be one of the rare art exhibitions illustrating in original oil paintings the full life of our Lord - birth, childhood, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension - by the same artist.

As from now and until the official opening of the Pierre Bittar Museum, a painting of the Lord’s life will be displayed in the Gallery window and the Pierre Bittar website will contain updates of the project’s progress. The paintings will be published one-by-one every few weeks in the following order:

1) The Annunciation His Birth
2) The Birth of Jesus His Birth
3) Flight into Egypt His Childhood
4) At the Temple with Doctors His Childhood
5) The 4 First Disciples His Ministry
6) The Marriage in Cana His Ministry
7) Jesus Resurrects a Widow's Son His Ministry
8) Feeding 5000 People His Ministry
9) The Last Supper His Last Days
10) Betrayal by Judas His Last Days
11) The Humiliation of Jesus His Last Days
12) Crucification and Death His Last Days
13) The Resurrection of Jesus His Last Days
14) The Ascension His Last Days


The Life of Our Lord
Introduction 1 - The Annunciation 2 - The Birth of Jesus 3 - Flight into Egypt
4 - At the Temple with Doctors 5 - The 4 First Disciples 6 - The Marriage in Cana 7 - Jesus Resurrects a Widow's Son
8 - Feeding 5000 People 9 - The Last Supper 10 - Betrayal by Judas 11 - The Humiliation of Jesus
12 - Crucification and Death 13 - The Resurrection of Jesus 14 - The Ascension Spreading the Word

Video Interview (2011)

Pierre painting in his Studio

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